Thai massage and Thai acupressure

Thai massage is based on yoga theory introduced to Thailand 2,000 years ago. Using stretching and acupressure techniques, its aim is to aid the flow of energy around the body to restore balance, in much the same way as yoga.

In a more Western model, used in osteopathy and myofascial release, pathways resembling the Thai energy lines are described as connecting the muscles of the body. By a process of unravelling, the therapist can release tension and encourage healthy patterns of movement.

Thai acupressure treatment works in a similar way to trigger point massage therapy and treats chronic or acute pain.

In Thai acupressure, the client is actively involved in identifying the exact location of beneficial pressure points.

Just one treatment can result in a substantial reduction in symptoms.

Usually, two or three treatments are necessary for lasting results and monthly follow ups are recommended to maintain healthy patterns of movement.

Treatment of your specific acupressure points is embedded in a general Thai massage to achieve full body relaxation and myofascial integration.

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