Book in for a 75 minute assessment at the Holistic Health Clinic at Preston Circus.  Contact Julia on 07731 786073.  Following your initial consultation, a tailored acupressure treatment will be designed for you, to help with specific muscular or alignment issues.  Treatments are £55 for 75 minutes or £60 for 90 or £70 for 120 minutes.

Appointments available Mon-Sat including evenings.

What does Thai acupressure feel like?

Like thai massage, the treatment is conducted on a futon mattress with the recipient fully clothed.  You will need to bring comfortable clothing such as you


might wear for yoga. It is tailored to your body type and health.  If you are pregnant, or injured or have any medical condition, the massage is adjusted accordingly.

“After two massages, my joints haven’t creaked for four months” Ben, metalsmith

“Truly amazing. You really listened to my body. I feel like my shoulder has woken up” Mark, cranio-sacral therapist

“I’d repeatedly popped the muscle in my calf playing tennis. Over the course of three sessions, Julia got to the root of the problem. My hip and knee were out of alignment causing the injury to keep happening. Following each treatment, I felt myself progressively able to do more, and now I’m back on the court and playing pain-free. Thank you Julia!”
Joe, software programmer

Chair massage

Acupressure treatments for office workers. This is usually by arrangement with the employer, but can also be provided at events.

Contact Julia 07731 786073 or