Yoga therapy online

I offer online yoga therapy training sessions combining my knowledge as a yoga therapist and thai massage therapist (see thai yoga massage: often described as ‘lazy person’s yoga’). Years of manipulating bodies, helping my clients to rehabilitate and my own experience of recovering from injury has made me the practitioner I am today. Find out more at

A yoga enthusiast since 2001, I have also trained as an aerial performer (rope/trapeze etc) since 2007. Having suffered a couple of semi-serious injuries, I have used a combination of massage and yoga to get me back on track. I have also been a guinea pig for many other techniques, some great, some less so. I know what it’s like to have pain and restriction, so I work within your limitations and find out what it is you need to get you moving more freely again..

I treat via Zoom or when it’s possible, face-to-face, always 1-to-1 sessions, so that I can focus on your unique needs. Sessions are £25 per hour, bookable via the Holistic Health Clinic. Contact or 07731 786073.

‘Before the treatment, I had severe pain in my shoulder which had lasted a couple of days. Following the treatment, the pain is nearly gone! I’m certain that the yoga cured it. It must have stretched it out.’ Diana, copy writer